Our Services

Will start every eCommerce Consulting project by interviewing stakeholders. This helps us build a profile of your ideal customer and identify the expressed needs of your business (function by function). Our focus is to develop and execute a plan for eCommerce that quickly achieves your desired business outcomes.

Strategic Planning

Our roadmaps are customer centric. We profile your ideal target customer(s), and build a roadmap that attracts, engages, converts and retains. By improving every stage of the customer journey, we can deliver exponential growth; with KPIs that can be measured instantly, and tactics that can be adjusted to maximize efficiency as conditions change. 

Vendor Selection

We help identify the best eCommerce technology/service provider by tailoring our analysis to your unique business. Large or small, B2C or B2B, build vs buy — we document functional requirements; and produce a request for proposal/information that is simple for each vendor, and useful for your procurement process. We invite finalists to demonstrate their capabilities in the context of your requirements; then deliver a recommendation that includes our experience with each vendor vs. their competition. 

Project Management

We don’t just analyze. We drive results. B2C Partners can guide/monitor/lead execution of any aspect of the strategic plan or vendor implementation. This is hard to do enough to do for any busy team member. Projects of this nature require experienced program management to tie it all together; keep the leadership team regularly informed; and deliver on time and on budget.  

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