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In the hands of a craftsman, almost any hammer will do. But without their skill and vision, even the best hammer can break things.

That’s our philosophy of ecommerce software. A good vendor helps like a new tool. But software and services are just part of the equation. You need the proper team, facilities, equipment, budget and time to drive results. Are you covered in all these areas?

Our strategic planning services deliver a complete business plan to your management team that analyzes total cost of ownership (TCO) including capital, operating expenses, omnichannel revenues and net margins; measuring the incremental rate of return on investment (ROI). Then our experienced team of industry veterans offer you advisory services and  interim leadership to implement changes that drive measurable results and real shareholder value.

Part of planning is measuring how you engage customers. Is your comparable (comp) site traffic growing year over year. How did you do last week over the same period last year? How are you doing week to date (WTD) versus the same period last week? How about email metrics? Social media metrics? Your brand must capture share of mind before you capture share of wallet. Measure the effectiveness of your engagement (marketing) efforts now, and set aggressive goals for improving them.

Beyond engagement, how are you converting that traffic compared to the same period last week? Last year? How are you doing comparably with average units per transaction (UPT), or the average unit price at retail (AUR)? These are the numbers behind your average order value (AOV). Are you trending up? How do you benchmark against your competition? And are you measuring the in-store effects of your online marketing investments? At what rate are digital coupons redeemed in store? Are you doing all you can with visual merchandising, product positioning and customer service to help users find what they need; and to submit their order easily? How effective are your transaction metrics in driving new demand orders?

Once you capture the order, are you delivering an experience that rivals best-in-class merchants online? Do you deliver quickly? Accurately? Affordably? Neatly? Securely? How responsive are you to questions/concerns about the order? How do your satisfaction scores measure up? How is your return rate? Are you delighting customers so they have no reason to go elsewhere? These are the measures that will set you apart. The experience after the transaction is where consumers fall in (or out of) love with your brand. Are you making it happen?

What really matters is that each member of the extended team has goals. The goals must challenge team members to stretch in order to attain them; and then allow them to celebrate as a group when each member does their part. So does everyone on the team know how they are individually measured? Does the online marketing group know what their goals are each day, week, month, quarter, year? How about the visual merchants? The planners? The buyers? The photographers? Each manager? The warehouse staff? The call center?

This is a business people! It’s not an IT project. Technology provides the instruments for this symphony. But to make beautiful music, you need a composition of talent and inspiration; with a leader who conducts every player to their own personal greatness.

Now let us help you make it happen.


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