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Marc Ecko Enterprises is a NY-based fashion retailer with brands that include Ecko Unltd.® with its familiar rhino icon, and Red. The company launched a new ecommerce site this week, ShopEcko.com, using the GSI Commerce’s technology platform.

ShopEcko.com launches on GSI

The site is rich with photography; and features what they call a “mini-cart” that pops up Web 2.0-style when you add something to your shopping cart. The pop-up hides itself in a few seconds, which feels a little clunky to me. But the overall experience is quite good.

I also notice some very deep discounts on the Ecko products, many over 50% off. Such a bargain! Unfortunately, deep discounting policies contributed to the downgrade of GSI’s stock today by Jefferies & Co.

With all its recent acquisitions (including Zendor, which closed today), I expect GSI will come out just fine after the holiday.