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Earlier this month, MarketLive attained compliance with PCI Data Security Standards for version 5.4 of its platform. Barak Engel, chief security officer of MarketLive was quoted in the press release saying, “E-retailers who standardize on MarketLive v5.4 can have the confidence that their e-commerce platform is compliant with established security best practices through the PCI certification.”

Retailers running earlier versions of the MarketLive platform have been encouraged to upgrade and take advantage of the MarketLive’s certification for an additional monthly charge. Clients on prior versions must upgrade or establish compliance on their own. Some retailers who are still in MarketLive’s integration cue for version 5.3 are being advised to upgrade yet again. This includes GiftCertificates.com, who re-launched on version 5.3 in November 2007, just in time for the holiday season.

GiftCertificates.com relaunches on MarketLive

MarketLive joins the ranks of several other PCI-compliant platform vendors, including Demandware, GSI Commerce and Venda.