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Bill Mirabito, principal consultant at B2C Partners, will facilitate a discussion on Wednesday, January 22 at the Shop.org Strategy and Innovation Forum in Orlando, Florida. The event is formerly called FirstLook. The topic is “Selecting the Perfect Ecommerce Platform for Your Business.”

Shop.org Strategy and Innovation Forum

Selecting the Perfect Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

eCommerce technology continues to mature and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Online merchants supporting multiple channels are always at risk of falling behind. To sustain growth, improving the online shopping experience is a constant imperative. Unfortunately, retailers aren’t built like software companies.

Over the past few years, dozens of eCommerce solutions have entered the market — from on-premise software to hosted storefronts; from shared platforms to dedicated full service. In this session, Bill Mirabito will examine the major categories of eCommerce platforms; and a panel of retailers will share their own experience working with software-as-a-service vendors, full service vendors, and software license vendors.