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Demandware recently announced it had launched a new ecommerce site for House of Fraser, a UK-based department store. The site is gorgeous and employs many innovative AJAX-based merchandising features from the product display to shopping cart. It is not at all cookie-cutter in its appearance. You would hardly believe this came from a console provider.

House of Fraser launches on Demandware

While the site is on the Demandware platform, it is being managed by eCommera, a new UK-based ecommerce service provider OEM-ing Demandware’s platform. According to Gunnar Sigurdsson of the Bauger Group, “We have a joint venture with Sir Tom Hunter’s West Coast Capital that we call eCommera. It’s building a platform for our companies to establish their online operations through a centralized channel, so we can help them to access the best online platform and advice in a very efficient manner.”

House of Fraser had been running on the Venda platform. It is among the merchants in the Bauger Group, along with other notable UK retailers such as Hamleys.

Integration work was done by The Javelin Group with creative by LBi. By outsourcing design, technology and integration, I’m really not sure what remained for eCommera to do. I guess eCommera’s marketing team is still working on the press release.