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For years, I’ve advised retailers who are shopping for ecommerce technology. We’ve all seen companies struggle with the vendor selection process. Sometimes, the process is managed in-house. Other times, merchants hire a consultant with limited subject matter expertise or, worse, a vendor bias. It’s no surprise that so many wrestle with indecision; and switch horses with some frequency.

Recognizing the need for a better way that is objective, complete and fast, B2C Partners developed its own method to help clients measure for fit. It’s called FAST Score™.

FAST Score rates vendors along four primary dimensions:
(1) Features, (2) Administration, (3) Services and (4) Traction. And each dimension contains more detailed criteria with simple adjustments to match business needs. In addition to four primary dimensions, FAST Score also examines (5) Estimates, such as time and cost; and (6) RFP Distinctives which are unique to each client.

Scoring across nearly 100 criteria, FAST Score helps executives identify strengths and shortcomings at a glance. FAST Score was also built for re-use. More than a dozen evaluations are complete and on-hand, so the time to decision is dramatically accelerated. B2C Partners has built a library of these FAST Score assessments. We are now making this library available to retailers where speed and savings are imperative.

Our current library includes FAST Score assessments for ATG, Demandware, Escalate Retail, Fry Inc., iCongo, LaGarde (Phoenix), MarketLive, Novator, PFSWeb, The Acquity Group, Truition, Venda, Virid and WebLinc. More are underway, including GSI Commerce and IBM.

We are offering a FREE, 21-page vendor profile of ATG to all qualified retail prospects. Contact us for details.