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For retailers generating $6 million or more online each year, there are four major types of ecommerce platform vendors. The choices are (1) catalyst, (2) console, (3) crew or (4) custom. While there is an increased level of flexibility with each subsequent option, greater flexibility comes at a higher cost of ownership. That aside, the range of vendors by type include…

These are budget-friendly SMB portal solutions with limited configurability, such as Yahoo! Merchant, eBay ProStores and WebStore by Amazon.

These are mid-range, “on-demand” software-as-a-service providers with a shared instance, like Demandware, MarketLive, Truition and Venda.

These are business process outsourcers with talent-for-hire from vendors such as GSI Commerce, eFashion Solutions, Fry, Inc. and Novator.

These are dedicated enterprise platforms with integrated development tools; for example, ATG, Escalate Retail, IBM and Sterling Commerce.