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Online jeweler, Bulgari, launched a new ecommerce site on the ATG Commerce platform this month. Visually, the site looks great. But I found it a little awkward from a usability standpoint. Landing at bulgari.com, you have disable your pop-up blocker, select your country, go to a splash screen and then find the “Shop Online” link. But shopping is there, if you look hard enough. Also, prices won’t display on category pages. I guess that’s by design(?)

Bulgari launches on ATG platform

Bulgari will be one of the first users of the newly acquired Cleverset technology for automated recommendations. ATG’s marketing chief said, “Quality and excellence are the cornerstones of Bulgari’s philosophy. The ATG solution both reflects those values and allows the retailer to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and ensure an unrivalled shopping experience online.”

Depends on your point of view, I guess. Speaking for me, I’m not sure I’d classify the shopping experience as “unrivaled” just yet. Pretty, though, it is. See for yourself.