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In the hands of a craftsman, almost any hammer will do. But without their skill and vision, even the best hammer can break things. That’s our philosophy of eCommerce software. A good vendor helps like a new tool. But software and services are just part of the equation. You need the proper team, facilities, equipment, budget and time to drive results. Are you covered in all these areas? >>

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10 best practices for checking a vendor’s references

During the procurement process, you eventually reach the stage where you will want to speak with clients of the finalist being considered. Here are ten ways to make the most of each reference call. >>

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Who is guarding your eCommerce project?

Hidden conflicts of interest can ruin an eCommerce project. We’re surprised when a retailer taps a systems integrator to recommend new software. A poor fit won’t just waste time and money — it can spoil a good career. Wake up! It doesn’t have to be this way. >>

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